Wedding Photography

I love photographing weddings, and work hard to ensure that this shows through in the quality of my work. I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings over the years, and still find something new every time because no two weddings are ever the same. From intimate ceremonies with just the Bride, Groom and a handful of close family and friends, to grand celebrations with guest lists of hundreds, every wedding is exciting and unique in it’s own way. The variety and spontaneity of a wedding always inspires and keeps me passionate about my wedding photography. I believe that photographing a wedding day to capture the story of the day is about observation. Being aware of details that others just don’t see, and using my skill to capture the moment with my understanding of light and composition. I do not interfere, but allow the day to unfold and capture the story of the day as faithfully as possible. The end result is a collection of high quality images that describe the story of your day as you remember it. Lastly, I never lose sight of the fact that, although I have photographed hundreds of weddings, only one wedding matters to you. I work anywhere across the UK, and do not charge any travel expenses.